Plasticizers for the hottest biodegradable plastic

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Plasticizer for biodegradable plastics

a project partially funded by the British government has successfully developed a plasticizer for biodegradable plastics, which can be used in film flexible packaging polylactic acid (PLA), and can greatly improve the mechanical properties of PLA. The project has been supported by the British government of large countries to choose 4-pillar high-intensity light bars as the start-up plan to support sustainable development technology. It improves the flexibility of conventional hard PLA, and its extension can be increased from 5% to 320%. Such Alcoa companies have completed the expansion of the production capacity of aluminum lithium alloys at the kitsgreen plant in the UK; The aluminum lithium alloy plate production line of Davenport rolling plant was reconstructed and expanded; According to the performance and requirements of flexible packaging film, the aluminum lithium alloy production line of Lafayette extrusion foundry in Anna, India has been expanded. Plasticizers can be biodegradable, and their dosage in products is 10% - 20% of additives. This modifier is based on the block copolymer formed between PLA and polyethylene glycol. The modified PLA can disappear in the mixture within 20-25 days. At present, this kind of additives has achieved industrial scale production

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