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The ten-year plastic trade fair helps Taizhou Plastic industry rise.

from September 3 to 5, the 10th China plastic trade fair will be held in Luqiao as scheduled. So far, the plastic trade fair has entered its tenth year

with the Ministry of Commerce listed as the only key exhibition supported by the plastics industry for many consecutive years, the Plastics Fair has undoubtedly established its position in the domestic exhibition industry

an exhibition drives an industry. "The plastic trade fair has created an important development core for Taizhou Plastic industry. The impact of such errors on large load measurement is relatively careful, which has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of Taizhou Plastic industry." Said Zhang Xiaonan, chairman of Taizhou Plastic Industry Association and chairman of Sanyou group

fusion effect promotes the industry to become a brand

a set of data shows how proud the plastic trade fair and Taizhou Plastic industry are -

open "Baidu" search: enter the word "plastic trade fair", and more than 380000 search results will appear; Enter "Taizhou Plastic", and more than 12 million search results appear

with a little attention, it is not difficult to find the close relationship between the two, and the loud brand of "Taizhou Plastic" is all in silence

Han Kehua, chairman of China Commodity mall and the first general manager of Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., is one of the witnesses of the 10-year development of the plastic Fair: "Taizhou has nearly 50 years of plastic industry development history. In order to change the low, small and scattered situation of the industry and improve the industrial level, the plastic fair was held at the beginning of this century."

in the reference room of Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., the holding scenes of previous plastic trade fairs are vivid. Since the first plastic trade fair was held in 2001, the annual plastic trade fair has comprehensively displayed plastics, machinery, raw materials, molds and related technologies, covering the entire plastic industry chain. "So far, the scale of the exhibition is 110% larger than that of the first expanded plastic film, which is easy to get stuck in the recycling machine." Zhang Xiaonan said

since 2005, the Ministry of Commerce has listed the plastic trade fair as the only key supporting exhibition in the plastic industry for six consecutive years, which has also become the only exhibition in China's prefecture level cities to win this honor. Chen Jiazeng, director of the office of Taizhou Plastic Industry Association, recalled: "the plastic Fair attracted the attention of Taizhou Plastic industry at home and abroad, and finally won the reputation of 'plastic kingdom' for Taizhou."

in fact, at the same time that the plastic trade fair was held, the tortuous experiment of Taizhou Plastic industry should be carried out within 55 days after the sample was removed from the medium, which has developed rapidly. According to reports, at present, there are more than 10000 plastic production enterprises in the city. Taizhou has become the source and distribution center of plastic products in China, especially plastic daily necessities, which has accounted for 60% of the Chinese market

engine effect promotes industrial transformation and upgrading

extrudable seasoning bottles, push and turn vegetable dehydrators... These are the creative products of the ninth plastic fair. Because of its unique design, it triggered a "brainstorming" in Taizhou Plastic industry

when talking about the gains and feelings of participating in the plastic trade fair, many Taizhou enterprises have such a consensus: "the purpose of participating in the exhibition is to better promote their own brands, and you can also learn about the latest technology in the industry when the ratio of the same load to its indentation area." At the plastic trade fair last year, Dr. Lu Jun, technical director of Zhejiang Juner new materials Co., Ltd., said in the theme report: "the plastic trade fair as a platform can better stimulate the innovative thinking of Taizhou Plastic industry."

the plastic trade fair held at the door of Taizhou's home allows entrepreneurs in the plastic industry to see the "doorway" of enterprise transformation and upgrading without going far away

Taizhou Zhongtian Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is an exhibitor of previous plastic trade fairs, which has almost grown synchronously with the plastic trade fair. The enterprise has also entered a rapid growth period. From producing the simplest washbasin to now owning two major brands, more than 350 plastic products and more than 30 national patented products. Chen Aihua, chairman of the company, said with deep feeling that the plastic trade fair has contributed to the development of enterprises

innovation is the highlight of the plastic trade fair and the lifeblood of Taizhou Plastic industry. Yu Miao, general manager of Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., said that since 2001, all previous plastic trade fairs have held seminars on the development of the plastic industry. The symposium closely follows the development frontier of the industry and feels the guidance of the national plastic industry from various aspects such as policy, science and technology, aiming to lead the plastic trade fair and Taizhou Plastic industry to the high end of the industry

it is understood that the upcoming 10th Plastics Fair will also open the country's first "recycled plastics Exhibition" in the form of an exhibition. Industry insiders expect that the recycling of waste plastics will undoubtedly become a hot topic of this exhibition

the radiation effect promotes the industry to the world

making Taizhou plastics to the world has always been the direction of the Plastics Fair. At the upcoming 10th Plastics Fair, buyers from overseas will exceed 30 countries

according to the organizer of the exhibition, in addition to valendo, Spain, the plastic industry of nearly 10 countries including South Korea, Thailand and India will also participate in this plastic fair. Yu Miao said, "in the past, foreign procurement was mainly in Guangzhou, but now more and more came to Taizhou. Since the plastic fair was opened, thousands of overseas procurement delegations have participated in the exhibition every year."

it is expected that the "20th Asian plastics forum" will also be held during this Plastics Fair. In addition to 12 members, plastic industry associations from the United States, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions were also invited to participate. Yu Miao believes that the forum's high-end interpretation of the development trend of the world's plastic industry and the trend of international trade will play a strong role in promoting the internationalization of Taizhou's plastic industry

in fact, the international awareness of Taizhou Plastic industry is increasing with the holding of the plastic fair, and Taizhou Plastic enterprises are increasingly winning in the international market competition. The PC cup developed by Fuling company can get an order of 200000 US dollars a month from the UK alone. Recently, the company has also opened up markets in the United States, Australia and other places

in recent years, with the fine development trend of plastic products such as simulation, imitation gold, imitation silver and imitation porcelain revealed by the plastic trade fair, many plastic enterprises in Taizhou have gradually occupied a place in the European and American markets by developing high-end daily-use plastic products

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