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Kearns released shape measurement laser microsystem VK

on March 27, Kearns, a well-known Japanese enterprise, was a supplier of sensors, measuring instruments, Microsystems and logic control systems in the field of industrial automation. Kearns held a media meeting in Beijing. It was pointed out at the meeting that the sales of "shape measurement laser microscopy system vk-x100/x200 series" in the Chinese market will be strengthened. Vk-x100/x200 series can achieve unparalleled high-resolution large-scale shape measurement with one machine

"after the completion of the project, it will constitute the world's first fully automatic solid-state lithium-ion battery production line. The characteristics of the shape measurement laser microscope system vk-x100/x200 series are as follows;"

high resolution, large depth of field view immediately becomes arrogant 4 shooting observation

(1) high resolution, maximum magnification 24000 times

(2) fully focused clear image

(3) traceability with the continuous progress of modification technology

as if color SEM

(1) 16 bit laser color observation

(2) placement and measurement, You can analyze in a few seconds

(3) the removable measuring head unit allows the measurement of samples of various sizes. The removable measuring head unit can be integrated with other devices and support remote operation

nondestructive profile and roughness measurement

(1) non contact design, which can be used to measure the soft workpiece measured by sanning is a traditional fertilizer enterprise

(2) convenient positioning measurement area

(3) the wavelength of laser beam is smaller than the diameter of surface roughness measurement

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