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Keith Pearson was elected as the new president of the World Packaging Organization

at the board meeting of the World Packaging Organization (WTO) that China 5 mine is a 65 year old central enterprise held in Prague at the end of 2005, Mr. Keith Pearson from South Africa replaced Alexis stassinopoulos from Greece as the new president who can also provide more complete models for consumers to choose. Dr. stassinopoulos' three-year term will end in April 2006. Mr. Keith Pearson was previously the president of the Packaging Institute of South Africa. This is the first time that a member from the African continent has served as the president of the World Packaging Organization

Mr. Pearson, who has rich experience in packaging, has worked for Kohler group, a leading packaging giant in South Africa, for nearly 30 years and has held various management positions. In the past few years, he mainly worked as a packaging consultant. In fact, this is not the first time that he has been elected as president of the WTO. "I have good expectations for this job. A few years ago, I was elected president of the WTO, but at that time I didn't think I had enough time to devote to this job, and I was not sure how much support I could get in this organization with N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil as my working medium. Therefore, I refused." Mr. Pearson said, "however, now I feel that I have enough time and support, so it is easier to make a decision. This is the first time that someone from the African continent has taken this position. I think this is recognition of Africa."

Mr. Pearson will be firmly committed to education and help spread packaging knowledge to the third world

"at present, about 800 students in South Africa are learning packaging technology, and there is a strong need to improve packaging technology in other parts of the world. I hope to increase the participation of WPO as much as possible, and we should also absorb new member countries."

Mr. Pearson's term of office will officially begin after the WPO meeting held in Beijing in April this year. (end)

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