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Keep improving, and Japan electric measurement produces new products nbsp; nbsp; Electrolytic film thickness gauge CT

although it is a little late, and the weather is warm and cold at first, there is no doubt that this spring has come, which is not only reflected in the weather, most of the faults are caused by the gradual development of slight wear and tear of parts; If the failure signs can be found and eliminated at the early stage of parts wear or deterioration, from the economic data, the second quarter should be a day for everyone to look forward to. The investment pull effect of $4trillion is initially emerging. Although the domestic manufacturing industry is still facing the heavy pressure of exports, it is not as bad as commonly expected

for professional service providers of quality control products such as Yuyue international, it feels like the prophet of Chunjiang water heating duck. It is obvious that recently, there have been more orders for printing reports of medical hose tensile strength tester of film thickness gauge, and dealers have a strong willingness to stock up. The delivery of electrolyte as daily consumables has climbed to the level of 2007, which bodes well for everything. What's more gratifying is that Japan electric measurement timely launched the new ct-4 electrolytic film thickness gauge, adding a new force to the domestic professional film thickness gauge market

electrolytic film thickness gauge is a classic product of electrical measurement in Japan. After many years of market application and test, the product is durable. Its working principle is to immerse the measured object in the corresponding electrolyte and apply a large amount of refrigeration current to dissolve a certain area of the measured object, and measure the coating thickness according to the time required for dissolution. The CT series electrolytic products of Nippon electric measurement Co., Ltd. have a wide range of applications, which can accurately detect all kinds of coatings (including single-layer, multi-layer, alloy coatings, etc.) and have high measurement accuracy. Especially for thin coatings below 1um, the general manager's Award Fund layer, thick coatings above 20um and multi coatings above 3 layers can be applied, which is favored by the majority of users in China. Electrolytic CT-1 to CT-3 series have always been popular. They have a large number of loyal supporters in the steam turbine and bicycle industry, mechanical hardware, electroplating industry and laboratory quality inspection units, and have always been prosperous products. The electrolytic ct-4 film thickness gauge launched this time is a product completely aimed at the Chinese market developed by Japan electric measurement. Not only has the accuracy of current value improved compared with previous products, but also has an all Chinese operation interface, which is easy for domestic users to use. In addition, its operation interface is also changed from the original non backlit LED display to a higher brightness and clearer VDP display, which makes it easier to read values

under the tide swept by the global economic crisis, China seems to be a relatively stable safe haven and one of the most promising markets to take the lead in recovery. This has made Japan CETC, which has always been known for its robustness in the industry, increase its marketing efforts in the Chinese market. Through the transmission of international trade from its general representative in large and medium-sized China, it is believed that from now on to the future, Channel distributors of film thickness meters can get stronger support, and end users in various industries who take the lead in recovery will also get more affordable prices for products that are easier to use. In this regard, we are happy to see its success

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