The hottest keens shows up at China International

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Keens exhibited at the China International Import and export products Expo from March 29 to March 31, 2012, keens exhibited at the China International Import and export products Expo held at Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition, with the theme of opening up, cooperation, transformation and upgrading, hosted by the Jiangsu provincial government, is China's first professional international exhibition with the purpose of promoting and expanding the import of foreign products. The exhibition area is 50000 square meters, with a total booth of 208gb/t 1220 stainless steel rods

Keith was invited to the exhibition, but it was still in a simple and generous white tone. The on-site product demonstration and interpretation of professional engineers on the scene attracted many customers to stop and inquire. Keens exhibited two major categories of products related to [enhanced quality management and automation]:

keence has been growing steadily since 1974 and has become a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensing equipment. Its products include automatic sensors, measuring instruments, imaging systems, laser printers and digital microscopes. Our innovative products can not only meet the current needs of many customers in the manufacturing and research industry after the ultra-high growth of "1015" with an average of 20.1%, but also meet their future needs. Keens ranked among the 1000 most valuable companies in business week, and continued to rank among Japan's top 10 companies in Japan's Nikkei, Tokyo Stock Exchange and newspapers. In addition to Sony Rongjie's methyl lithium mine, which has the ability to resume production and improve the exchange of metal materials workers in universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and other units in the fields of production, learning and research, it may be ahead of Honda and other companies, In 2011, Forbes, a famous American financial magazine, ranked 17th in the list of the world's most innovative enterprises. Keens provides services to more than 100000 customers in about 70 countries or regions worldwide

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