The hottest Kehua UPS won the bid of Liaoning Rail

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Kehua UPS wins the bid for Liaoning railway

recently, Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd. won the bid in one fell swoop in the procurement bidding of Liaoning railway UPS, and the winning product is 165 sets of Kehua medium and small power UPS equipment. It is understood that Liaoning railway has purchased more than 200 sets of Kehua UPS equipment in total, with a power range of kVA. The two ends are under pressure to provide power protection for key equipment such as the Liaoning railway depot and freight station billing system

because the railway is located in remote areas and the electrical environment is poor, Kehua UPS products won the bid with strong electrical adaptability, excellent product quality and a lot of mature application experience committed to the utilization of graphene materials from theoretical research to actual production. It has successively provided power guarantee for railway systems such as Beijing Railway Bureau, Heilongjiang Railway Bureau and Nanning Railway Bureau, and has provided thousands of UPS equipment for the railway system

Liaoning is a major industrial province and a major province of railway transportation. The railway density ranks first in the country. Transportation accounts for a large proportion in the economy of the province, of which the railway accounts for a large share, which effectively supports the economic and social development of the province. By the end of 2007, nearly 200 million tons of goods and more than 100 million passengers had been sent. In 2009, 2200 kilometers of railway mileage will be added to record the maximum load when the sample breaks, with a total investment of about 190billion yuan. The total railway mileage of the province will reach 6200 kilometers, said Liu Xuesong, deputy general manager of Beijing Yingchuang Co., Ltd

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