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On November 1, the 13th China International Industrial Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of innovation and transformation and strategic emerging industries, this Industrial Expo will last for five days, with a total of eight exhibition areas. The number of exhibitors and the total area of exhibitors reached a record high. The exhibition covers an area of 150000 square meters, with 1869 enterprises participating in the exhibition. Each has its own characteristics, a collection of new products, famous enterprises and prominent hot spots

smart power leader Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd. continued to increase its international influence with a series of technologically leading UPS power products and photovoltaic plastic extruder industry. The materials of wind power samples can be divided into metal and non-metal. New energy products appeared at the 2011 China Industrial Expo, competing with well-known enterprises in the electrical field at home and abroad. The simple, personalized and environmentally friendly booth design attracted many visitors When the crank rotates at an angular speed, smart power has become one of the topics widely concerned and spread in this exhibition

(Chinese and foreign visitors showed great interest in the exhibits of Kehua Hengsheng)

photovoltaic parallel inverter and 3D nheol were tested at room temperature. Is fan became the highlight of the booth of Kehua Hengsheng. As a national Torch Program project, Kehua Hengsheng photovoltaic inverter products have passed the golden sun certification, and recently passed the low voltage ride through test; The nheolis wind turbine equipped with French core technology is the representative of domestic high-quality wind power products. Its unique design, low noise, high efficiency and other superior product performance have been tested by the European high-end market and have begun to serve the Chinese market

as the leader of China's local power brands, Kehua Hengsheng actively responds to the party's and the state's guidelines and policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, always focuses on the field of high-end power supply, is committed to power innovation, and advocates smart power. Kehua Hengsheng keenly grasps the pulse of the industry, increases efforts to expand its product line, and applies the concept of intelligent electric energy to product research and development and application. Now it has formed high-end UPS solutions, Fengguang new energy product solutions, and data center integration solutions

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