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Kodak took a new generation of intelligent transportation products to participate in the traffic safety Expo

ctiforum on July 23 (Li Wener, in the same standard, is also a lot of customers of changshida high tech. many customers said that after using the electronic tensile testing machine for a period of time, they often give different sample sizes for different materials) : the 6th China international road traffic safety product Bonai Mining Expo was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from August 20 to 22, 2014. Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Keda) participated in the exhibition with a new generation of intelligent transportation products and solutions, through maintenance free checkpoints, low light electric police, four in one electric police, power failure police, high-altitude lookout, facial electric police The display of intelligent transportation management and control platform and intelligent transportation applications fully reflects Kodak's leading edge in the field of intelligent transportation

this exhibition is the second appearance of Keda's new generation of intelligent transportation solutions after Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Exhibition. This time, the participants agreed more with Koda's products and solutions, and were less unfamiliar. They also understood more deeply the brand concept of green transportation practitioners interpreted by Koda

Figure 1 Koda attracted many people through a large screen speech

a new generation of intelligent transportation products and solutions

HRC (diamond cone indenter) 20 ⑺ 0 adhering to the brand vision of green transportation practitioners, Keda launched the industry's first maintenance free bayonet and low light level electric alarm system, and formed a new generation of intelligent transportation solutions through the integration of platform and application. At present, the solution has been applied on a large scale in more than 200 projects in more than a dozen provincial capitals and more than 80 prefectures and cities across the country

the whole scheme consists of three parts: front end, platform and application. There are various types of front-end security checkpoints, community checkpoints, personnel checkpoints, low light level electric alarm, four in one electric alarm, power failure alarm and road monitoring. The intelligent transportation integrated management and control platform adopts cloud computing and big data architecture, and can carry out traffic congestion, traffic accident analysis, guard route, image investigation and judgment, visual command and scheduling, mobile police and other rich applications

maintenance free bayonet, electric alarm

bayonet, electric alarm equipment due to long-term exposure outdoors, perennial sun and rain, generally the products in the industry need to be maintained once every two or three months, and the operation and maintenance cost is very high. To solve this problem, Kodak has developed a maintenance free bayonet and electric alarm system. The system adopts the original multiple dust protection design and the integrated independent capture unit design, which has unique maintenance free characteristics. Not only is the product stable and does not need maintenance, but also it does not need maintenance while ensuring image quality, license plate recognition rate and bayonet capture rate. This excellent maintenance free performance can ensure that customers can get clear images all year round and save the later operation and maintenance costs

Figure 2 Kodak maintenance free bayonet and electric police adopt multiple dust-proof protection design

low light level electric police without light pollution

in order to ensure the capture effect, traditional electric police must use fill light equipment such as strong light lamps and flash lamps. A set of system often needs to be equipped with three or four fill light equipment, which not only has high cost and energy consumption, but also affects the beauty of the city. Moreover, a large number of lighting equipment also brings thorny light pollution problems, which will greatly affect driving safety and the lives of surrounding residents

last year, Kodak took the lead in launching the low light level electric alarm system. The system uses a new generation of capture unit with 600W pixels and high sensitivity. The system adopts an integrated design. Only one capture unit needs to be installed in a set of system, which not only has low cost, low energy consumption, simple and beautiful installation, but also has no light pollution. With Kodak's high-performance image processing technology, even without fill light equipment, the captured pictures are still clear and recognizable. At the Beijing Intelligent Transportation Exhibition, the staff used anatomical equipment to make the audience better experience the charm of low light level electric police

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