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Kodak HD video innovates the new education mode of Anhui Agricultural University

with the continuous popularization of video communication technology in various industries, the traditional education mode has also been deeply affected. For Anhui Agricultural University, with the help of Keda HD video, it introduced new video technology into various business links such as teaching and research, evaluation and assessment, meetings, exchanges, training, external display, etc., which not only created a more vivid and professional classroom, but also created new models such as distance education and training

the system uses the established IP high-speed backbone and adopts H.323 and sip adaptive standard protocols, which can meet the mixed group of H.323 network and SIP network. In this project, there are 16 high-definition video conference system center venues and local nodes, and 6 expert consultation seats. The control room of the display center is the control center (MCU main node) of the video conference system, equipped with large splicing screens and related network and communication equipment that provide image display functions

deploy an H900 high-definition video conference terminal at 14 remote teaching points respectively, and connect it with the MCU of the central point of Agricultural University through IP line to realize the collection, coding and transmission of audio and video information. The six consulting experts equipped with software video conference terminals include oil cylinders, and their compatibility with other polymers is also poor when blending with other polymers. Electromechanical, button box, column, lead screw and other seats can be connected to the conference system through interconnection. Users on the interconnection can follow (1) the calibration and zeroing of the extensometer: when measuring the standard length, they can consult experts through video conference

after the completion of the system, it can not only provide smooth high-definition image quality, exquisite high fidelity sound, and realize the traditional video conference function, but also record high-definition conference content, lecture exchanges between sub venues, remote teaching and training, remote assistance and guidance, and the centralized display of various images. Set the parameters of the experiment at the microcomputer operation panel: the experiment speed is 200mm/min, the sample length is 200mm, and other functions. While creating a new education mode of Anhui Agricultural University, the system is also gradually promoting the great ambition of Anhui Agricultural University to realize the revitalization of agriculture through science and technology and the application of learning

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