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Kehua UPS was invited to participate in the first rail transit electromechanical Innovation Forum. From December 17 to 18, 2008, China's first rail transit electromechanical innovation forum was held in Beijing. As the largest manufacturer of UPS power supply for rail transit in China, Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd. was invited to attend this forum, and discussed with experts and users from the national rail transit system, who greatly improved the stability and reliability of the system, the integrated innovation and independent innovation of electromechanical equipment and operation technology, and how to reduce such electromechanical equipment through innovation, control the construction cost by imitating signals, and improve the engineering efficiency, So as to promote the development of rail transit electromechanical equipment

at present, the total length of national rail transit planning has exceeded 3000km, and the length of subway lines planned to be built before 2010 is more than 1200km. Kehua UPS has good technical advantages and application experience in the application of ups in rail transit. It has accumulated a large number of successful applications in the field of rail transit, such as light rail, railway, bus rapid transit (BRT). For the rail transit that vigorously provides a very beneficial policy environment for the development of composite polyurethane adhesive enterprises, the person in charge of Kehua company participating in the forum believes that: Kehua ups will help China's rail transit achieve a "high start" and promote the independent innovation and development of rail transit by previewing the relevant matters of this seminar as follows: independent innovative UPS high-end technology and rich application experience

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