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Kodak 5.0 cloud video landed in nearly 1000 police stations of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau

at the beginning of 2017, Kodak won the video project of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department; On April 1, the project was officially signed and implemented. This project is the first large-scale application of Keda 5.0 cloud video conference new products. It will supplement and expand the original video conference system of Guangdong public security, construct a dynamic resource pool of provincial, 14 Prefecture and city, 95 district and county command centers, and 885 police stations, and build a four-level video conference system covering provincial departments, cities, districts and counties, and police stations, so as to realize the interconnection, mutual preparation, and mutual control of the whole system, Comprehensively improve the command and scheduling ability of public security prevention and control and anti-terrorism and stability maintenance in Guangdong Province, and maintain the life safety of the grassroots and front-line police

dynamic resource pool: improve resource utilization

based on dynamic resource pool technology, Keda 5.0 cloud video conference can build a large-scale, fully open cloud video platform for users

in this construction, Keda will add a set of provincial multi-point control unit jd10000, integrate the existing three sets of MCU resources, and provide 14 cities with a new multi-point control unit jd6000 and a video integrated server jds6000, breaking the relatively closed and independent restrictions of the original video conference systems, so as to realize the full adjustability, one click direct access and resource sharing of the provincial video conference system resources, Provide a variety of application scenarios for the public security video conference in Guangdong Province: the four-level video conference extended to the grass-roots level in the province for the automotive industry depends on the downstream demand; The commanding and dispatching of the province extending to the grass-roots police stations; And give play to the disaster recovery and backup ability of the resource pool to ensure that the video conference can also be used normally in emergencies

cluster deployment: ensure a smooth transition

in the transition process of the old and new systems, the original video conference systems still need to operate stably to support the holding of a large number of daily meetings, important meetings and the command and scheduling of important activities. In order to realize the smooth transition and engineering connection of the system, Kodak adopts the cluster deployment mode, which will ensure the unified scheduling and load balancing of MCU equipment, improve the utilization and availability of MCU hardware resources, and improve the efficiency of system disaster recovery and migration

in the process of MCU cluster deployment, the system can realize unified management and unified portal. At that time, the unified portal will become the only access. Each operator has his own personal home page. He can access the multi service system only by logging in once, including conference reservation, conference management, equipment management, etc., and can expand services such as recording and broadcasting, scheduling applications, etc

multifunctional presentation: it can flexibly adapt to local police stations

according to the construction plan, Kodak will provide a set of multifunctional presentation for 885 grass-roots police stations to build the police station venue

with such a large number of terminals, the problem of operation and maintenance cannot be ignored. The multi-function display adopts a highly integrated design, integrating cameras, codecs, microphones, televisions and other equipment. The police station only needs to provide power and wires to use. In addition, the multi-function presentation supports remote control, and the superior unit can remotely switch on and off the multi-function presentation in the police station venue, so as to facilitate the call of the police station to join/exit the meeting at any time

h.265: bring better conference effect

the existing video conference system in Guangdong Province adopts the H.264 protocol. At present, the operation effect is good in the environment of high-quality network quality of dedicated and dedicated lines. However, considering that the public security service quality is not as good as that of dedicated lines after the completion of the construction, there will be network delay, jitter, packet loss, etc., so Kodak will adopt higher compression capacity The utilization range of h.265 lithium battery with stronger fault tolerance continues to expand to ensure the effect of the conference. Sky X500 HD split video terminals supporting h.265 are configured for 95 districts and counties

after adopting h.265 encoding and decoding technology with domestic experimental machine manufacturers, it can provide more delicate images and smoother video effects for the meeting under the existing bandwidth; In the process of the meeting, the time delay is lower, which increases the sense of presence of the participants; When the network quality is low, the system has better fault tolerance to ensure the quality of the meeting; In addition, the use of h.265 encoding and decoding technology also provides the basis for the future system to upgrade 4K UHD resolution

this is the first time that 5.0 cloud video products have been widely used in Guangdong public security, but this is not the first cooperation between Kodak and Guangdong public security. As early as 2010, Keda has joined hands with Guangdong public security. Among the video conference systems that have been built, Keda equipment accounts for about 85% of the operating equipment. In the past seven years, the built system has operated stably and played an important role in major conferences, action command and daily police support work

working together again this time, relying on Keda 5.0 cloud video conference architecture, it will realize full interconnection, interoperability and mutual control, bring a new video conference experience to Guangdong public security, and comprehensively improve the command and scheduling ability of public security prevention and control and anti-terrorism and stability maintenance in Guangdong Province

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