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How about the function of Kenwood chef kvl4100w? User comments on advantages and disadvantages

kaiwood chef machine is a hot seller. After all, you don't have that recommendation for the experimental machine: kenwood/kaiwood kvl40 chef machine household mixer kneading machine multi-function mixing kvl4100w, this is a 6.7L capacity, as follows, let's take a look at kaiwood chef machine kvl4100w hands-on experience and configuration parameters, as well as user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, which may help you choose kaiwood chef machine kvl4100w for reference

I. experience of kewood chef kvl4100w:

this kewood chef kvl4100w function is really good. My friend's family is using this chef machine. He said it has good performance and recommended it to me. Later, I started to use this chef machine and tried it. It feels good. It's not noisy and much lighter than a vacuum cleaner. I'm making bread with my children watching TV. It doesn't affect me at all. Besides, I'm a novice in baking, Today, the film of toast made for the first time also came out. I'm very satisfied. I look forward to slowly studying more delicious food in the future

kewood cook machine kvl4100w more users evaluate the advantages and disadvantages:

too much oil will cause hydraulic oil to leak from the working cylinder port

II. Detailed configuration parameters of kewood cook machine kvl4100w:

III. user comments on the advantages and disadvantages of kewood cook machine kvl4100w:

1. Self made toast, I learned the production video on Bili before I bought the cook machine, claiming that I didn't use any tools, and the result was expected to fail, Full of flour, the flour didn't mix well. Later, I decided to buy a chef's machine. I checked various strategies and selected brands. Finally, I chose kewood. After receiving it, I couldn't wait to start working. According to the recipe of the chef's machine, I had a smooth journey. Although the membrane was not particularly satisfied, the overall shape was there, especially the fourth fermented picture. I poked my fingers with super elasticity. Ah, it feels good to make it by myself. The final product is also very beautiful. It's great and happy to eat it! Students who want to bake by themselves really need a chef machine. Of course, an oven is also essential

2. The cook machine, which has been carefully designed for a long time, has made noodles, making a large number of imported instruments with high prices occupy the medium, high and even low-end market for a long time. The dumpling skin and wonton skin are smooth and powerful. Using the cook machine and noodles, the glove film is produced quickly, so pineapple bread is made again, which is loved by the whole family. The snowman cake is well matched with the use of CPLD in winter. It is very successful in killing protein and cream, I think I can't make any Chinese and Western snacks without it

3. The function of kneading and pressing noodles is very practical, which is very easy to use for people who like to eat noodles. They have made noodles and pasta for many times, and it is also labor-saving to make dumplings with it. This time, they just try to make sausage. The only thing that needs to be improved is that there are cutting hands on the edge of the mixing bowl, and it will be good to grind it Go to Taobao tmall to check more popular model recommendations

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