The most popular situation of China's steel export

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The situation of China's steel export in 2011 is highlighted by special steel. From the perspective of macroeconomic policy orientation, the demand for steel is still relatively strong. Lu Zheng, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in the economic situation in 2011 that the main line of macroeconomic policy next year will be to accelerate the transformation of economic mode, continue to implement active fiscal policy, prudent monetary policy and active employment policy, Put stabilizing the overall price level in a more prominent position. Bai Jingming, deputy director of the Institute of financial science of the Ministry of finance, believes that the expansion focus of active fiscal policy expenditure should be inclined to basic public services, strategic industries and underdeveloped regions. The implementation of the proactive fiscal policy can not be carried out alone. It must be coordinated with the monetary policy, trade policy, industrial policy and the fiscal policy of the major economies, which focuses on the universities and scientific research institutes in the alliance. The experts present at the meeting believed that the national economic plan for the 12th Five Year Plan will be implemented in 2011. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the expected target of China's economic growth is 7%-8%. Yu Bin, director of the macro Department of the research center of the State Council, predicts that after the second quarter of next year, China's economy will gradually stabilize and recover, and the annual economic growth will reach about 9.5%. Most research institutions predict that China's economic growth rate in 2011 will be 9%-10%. Some experts believe that the main problem facing China's economic growth is not the speed, but how to quickly and smoothly realize the transformation of the economic mode. According to the information delivered by the leaders of government ministries and commissions and economists attending the meeting, China's macroeconomic policies in 2011 will stimulate the domestic steel market demand. In 2010, 3400 tons of steel were consumed for every 100 million yuan of fixed assets investment, which is not only related to the normal work efficiency. In 2011, the investment in fixed assets continued to grow steadily, and the consumption of steel was also considerable

the price of steel raw materials remains high, and the rigid cost will be supported to make the long axis of the sample coincide with the stretching direction through the fixture centerline. The steel price will continue to run at a high level.

luotiejun, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that problems such as monopoly of resources are obstacles in the future steel. Su Jing, deputy director of the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that the rise of domestic raw materials and labor costs have compressed the profit space of enterprises, affecting their export enthusiasm and competitiveness. Next year, international energy and resource prices may continue to rise, driving up the price of domestic raw materials and increasing the pressure on domestic resources and environment. The urgent reform of resource tax will push up the price of plateau materials. As a result, the production cost of steel looks like flour material continues to rise, and the profit space of steel mills is further compressed. This year, the average profit margin of each industry is 6%, while the profit margin of the iron and steel industry is only 3.55%, which is low among all industries. Luotiejun believes that the iron and steel industry will enter a state of "low growth and micro profit" in the future. The market price of raw materials continues to rise. Under the increasing cost pressure, it is obviously difficult for steel mills to reduce the ex factory price of steel in order to relieve the cost pressure and ensure the enterprise benefits, so as to support the basic pattern of domestic steel market price maintaining a high level

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