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Six cat ® (Carter) 777 mining truck was successfully delivered in Duobaoshan, Heilongjiang

six cat ® (Carter) 777 mining truck was successfully delivered in Duobaoshan, Heilongjiang

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on October 28, 2019, Ruixue Chengxiang of Duobaoshan, Heilongjiang Province, and North China lixingxing machinery, one of Caterpillar's four major agents in China, successfully delivered six cat (Carter) 777 rigid dump mining trucks to Fujian xingwanxiang group, marking a new chapter in the cooperation between the two sides

on site direct attack

handover ceremony was held at Duobaoshan copper mine in Heilongjiang Province. Cai Li, general manager of caterpillar global mining in China and India, Yankun, regional sales director of caterpillar global mining in China, zhaomingfang, general manager of North China lixingxing Machinery Mining Department, Xuanfeng, general manager of sales and lidechuang, general manager of service, Yu Lianguo, general manager of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang Provincial operations, liyongcai, plant manager of Zijin duotong mining company, Chen Guanghua, manager of xingwanxiang Nenjiang branch Linyuliang, head of procurement department of xingwanxiang Group Co., Ltd., jointly participated in the handover ceremony

caterpillar and North China lixingxing machinery always pay attention to the business development of mine customers, which requires selecting and designing different jigs according to different experimental forces and sample shapes and sizes. As a representative of caterpillar, Cai Li, general manager of caterpillar global mining China and India, visited the delivery site in person. He said that as one of the world's largest mining equipment manufacturers, caterpillar will help customers realize the safe and efficient use of resources, and will provide customers with flexible and diverse solutions by virtue of advanced manufacturing technology to promote their business development

zhaomingfang, general manager of North China lixingxing machinery and mining department, congratulated on the handover. He said that North China lixingxing machinery will adhere to the service tenet of "customer-centered" and do a good job in the after-sales service and parts supply of equipment. On the premise of ensuring that the equipment dispatch rate can be seen from the relevant countries of "one belt and one road discovered by inspectors", we will reduce the operation cost through professional services and strive to make North China lixingxing machinery a valuable partner for mine customers

Fujian xingwanxiang group, the mining customer signed this time, is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise with diversified operation integrating "mining development, construction, real estate development and financial investment". Its Nenjiang branch entered duotong mining industry in Duobaoshan Town, Heilongjiang Province in 2006 and contracted the opencast mining project of duotong mining company. After more than ten years of development and sedimentation, it has become the largest opencast mining project under xingwanxiang

after sales support exchange meeting

after the handover ceremony, representatives of both parties jointly attended the after-sales support exchange meeting. Xingwanxiang group briefly introduced the history and development planning of the group and Nenjiang branch. Cai Li, general manager of caterpillar global mining China and India, introduced caterpillar's advanced "cat minestar" to customers ™) The system enables customers to understand how caterpillar adopts the test principle of pulse reflection method and five intelligent modules of health through fleet, terrain, detection and command, so as to realize intelligent mine and unmanned mine operation, and help customers improve the production efficiency and safety of mining equipment in an all-round way

the global mining industry has its own "fine mining"

caterpillar has a very comprehensive product line of mining equipment in the industry. We understand the needs of customers and help customers realize safe, efficient and standardized mining while providing comprehensive mining product solutions. Our comprehensive open pit and underground mining products and Solutions - cat minestar ™ The system includes five intelligent modules: fleet, terrain, detection, health and command, which can help manage everything from material tracking to complex real-time fleet management, equipment health management, unmanned driving, etc

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