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Manhumer group's after-sales market players appeared together at Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition

manhumer group's after-sales market players appeared together at Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition

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manhumer's man brand filter and Vickers filter at the recent Asia's largest auto after-sales service exhibition Automechanika Shanghai, It once again made a strong debut at the 2019 Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts exhibition, and received warm response and many high praise

the four-day Automechanika Shanghai is the second largest auto parts brand exhibition in the world after the Frankfurt parent exhibition in Germany. It is also commonly known as Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition in the industry. After more than ten years of rapid development, it has become a feast for the whole domestic auto industry

man brand filters shine with host quality

man brand filters from Germany have taken the annual Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts exhibition as an important display and communication platform to explore the domestic market. In the past few years, many domestic high-quality dealers have signed contracts with man brand filters through Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts exhibition

this year, man brand filter also brings the latest filtering technology solution, so that visitors can feel the high-quality host quality from zero distance, including various award-winning star filters and innovative products that are actively applying for or have obtained invention patents

affected by the overall domestic economic downturn, overcapacity, high homogeneity of competition and other factors, the whole automotive aftermarket is facing a deep reshuffle. Under the trend of consumption grading, the truly promising market in the future will be left to brands with excellent quality and technological innovation. As a synonym for high-end automotive filters, man brand filters combine all the know-how and experience of manhumer group into a "yellow green brand" with two distinct colors of green and yellow. In the face of the changing situation of China's automotive aftermarket, man brand filters will continue to meet the latest market demand with self innovation and host quality, set a benchmark for the industry, and help people with ideas and ideas with "fine core and dedicated" products Dealers willing to act as agents for the transformation and upgrading of high-quality products, so that dealers, repair shops and car owners can benefit from innovative technology, host quality filter solutions and excellent product services

every year, man brand filter will attract the attention of many industry insiders and professional audiences in the field of auto parts with exquisite booths, and the same is true this year. Everyone expressed their deep impression on the man brand filter products with host quality, which can "protect from zero kilometers and be consistent" and meet their current needs of actively seeking transformation and upgrading. Many dealers have actively communicated with the man brand filter team and attracted the attention of many industry media. Man brand filter has also tried new methods such as Tiktok in this exhibition, but we can't help but recognize the media communication methods, So that the audience who failed to come to the exhibition site can also intuitively feel the high-quality products of man brand filter

Wix sounded the brand assembly number with new products

Vickers filter, which has focused on the filter industry since 1939, has once again become the focus. Its booth is not only attracted attention with its exquisite and cool image, but more importantly, this year is the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Wix brand. At the scene of this exhibition, Wix shared the glorious moment of the brand with everyone present in the way of "birthday celebration", and the on-site audience actively participated, Several lucky people received a special commemorative car model with the logo of Wix's 80th anniversary. We wish Wix brand a better prospect in the future. The whole process of computer control experiment process

in 2019, Wix launched the brand communication project of "Wix 80th anniversary · tribute Tour" throughout the year, and produced national winners through competition. They were organized to visit the US headquarters and polish factories respectively, and visited appex American Auto Parts Exhibition on site to appreciate the R & D strength of Wix brand and the global auto parts trend. At the same time, Wix on site of this exhibition also passed on the whole process and continued to sound the brand assembly number

at the annual Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition, Wix will bring new products and filtration technology solutions. On the oil cylinder and plane, at this exhibition, Wix will make a grand appearance of the new Wix nanopro heavy-duty air filter products by means of new product launch

as another highly competitive product of Wix in the heavy-duty field, the new Wix nanopro is coated with a layer of nanofibers on the surface of its filter material. This innovative technology makes the filtration efficiency of Wix nanopro filter as high as 99.99%, which is superior to the filter of traditional cellulose filter material and the same nano air filter products, so as to keep the heavy-duty engine working in a dirty and messy environment away from small pollutants, Extend service life and reduce maintenance costs

Wix filter has undertaken an important market mission since joining manhumer group in 2016. In addition to the new Wix nanopro heavy-duty air filter launched in this exhibition, other star filter products used in passenger cars and heavy equipment have also attracted onlookers and understanding

the four-day Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition has ended perfectly not long ago. In the future, manhumer's man brand filter will continue to help more dealers transform and upgrade with the quality of "fine core and dedicated" host. Wix filter will also enable more mass consumers to enjoy driving with its high-quality quality and continuously developed new products


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