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In order to comprehensively improve the fine management of the enterprise and improve the team's execution ability, from August 6 to 7, all middle and senior managers of the German construction engineering organization conducted a two-day special management training. 3 Challenges brought by the new national standard all section chiefs, department heads, middle-level and above managers of the company participated in the training

through video learning, the training focused on watching a series of CDs on learning the refined management of manufacturing enterprises and team execution and middle-level execution control. During the training, the students listened carefully and recorded actively. After the two-day training, everyone generally reported that they had benefited a lot. Through the training, they not only fully experienced and felt the important role of refined management and improving execution in the improvement of battery performance, but also improved management thinking, improved execution skills and methods, and provided a rich theoretical basis for improving their own work in the future

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