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The deepening reform of Degong machinery seeks to differentiate between plastic tensile machines and metal tensile machines, develop innovative management and promote efficiency

the deepening reform of Degong machinery seeks to develop innovative management, and promote efficiency through microcomputer operation

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Guide: snakes are going forward, horses are bringing good luck, and 2014 will be a very extraordinary year for Degong. After the basic management year of 2012 and the innovation year of 2013, And usher in the year of benefit improvement in 2014. In the new year, we will deepen reform and innovation

"the snake rushes to the future, and the horse brings good luck". 2014 will be a very extraordinary year for Degong. After the "year of basic management" in 2012 and the "new year of innovation" in 2013, it will usher in the "year of efficiency improvement" in 2014

in the new year, we will take "deepening reform, innovating management, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency" as the main line, enhance the development vitality of the company through deepening reform, and improve the management level of the company through innovative management. Each department should actively play its subjective initiative, promote a pragmatic, concise and efficient work style, boldly innovate, overcome difficulties, and establish the business philosophy of "input-output", All enterprises should set up their own "cost accounting accounts", establish the management awareness and crisis awareness of all employees, and use modern enterprise system concepts to improve management functions and promote the continuous development of enterprises

in the new year, in 2014, Degong will focus on the six tasks of "sales innovation, technology upgrading, fault reduction, safety production, consumption reduction and efficiency increase, and strategic cooperation with three blocks as a group of samples", strengthen system construction, cost accounting, education and training, talent training, democracy and openness, uphold a pragmatic, concise and efficient work style, and ensure that PBT used as engineering plastics has unmodified and modified benefits, Look at the work process, evaluate the performance and achievements, and create a "young, energetic and innovative" new German worker

"the rising sun and new hope have set sail, riding the wind and waves". In 2014, Degong has set sail, and even the challenges ahead are still hope. With full enthusiasm, firm faith and enterprising spirit, Degong sounded the horn, and with high morale, it is marching forward to a brilliant tomorrow

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