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German industry 4.0 refers to China and the United States

1. Automobile lightweight is unstoppable. In December, Germany's first industrial 4.0 standardization roadmap was released; At the Hannover Industrial Expo in April 2014, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called industry 4.0 a milestone. What is the strategic purpose behind Germany's tireless efforts to promote industry 4.0

Wang Xiwen, director of the E-commerce Research Institute of the international economic and technological cooperation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally spared no effort to promote industry 4.0, which has a deep strategic intention behind it, that is, to fight against the U.S. Internet and defend China's manufacturing industry

industry 4.0 reflects Germany's sense of crisis and high sense of competition towards the United States. CPU, operating system, software, cloud computing and other networking platforms are almost all controlled by the United States. In the past two years, Google has begun to enter the field of robotics, developing autonomous vehicle; Amazon entered the terminal business and began to implement the unmanned aircraft distribution of goods. The American Internet giant is accelerating from the information field to the physical business field. Obviously, the destructive impact of this trend on the manufacturing industry is only a matter of time. Therefore, Germany has an unprecedented sense of crisis

Germany's industry 4.0 strategy describes the concept of cyber physical system in detail, hoping to develop innovative manufacturing methods through the information physical system to realize intelligent factories. Information physics system refers to the many key nodes explored, transformed and raised by Shandong innovation group, which are closely connected to the real world through sensing, and effectively apply the advanced computing power of network space to the real world. Therefore, in the production and manufacturing process, all data related to design, development and production will be collected and analyzed by sensors, forming an intelligent production system that can operate autonomously

in a sense, industry 4.0 is the dominant position brought about by Germany's desire to prevent the continuous integration of information technology into the manufacturing industry. Once all aspects of manufacturing are taken over by cloud computing, is manufacturing still manufacturing? Therefore, industry 4.0 hopes to use the information physical system to upgrade the production equipment in the intelligent factory, so that the production equipment can obtain intelligence due to the information physical system, and make the factory become an intelligent factory that realizes self-discipline and decentralized system. At that time, cloud computing was just an object of use in the manufacturing industry, and would not become the hub of controlling production and manufacturing

some experts may believe that industry 4.0 is a national strategy in Germany's high-tech field, which is mainly against the United States in terms of high-end manufacturing technology, and has little to do with China, which mainly focuses on low-end manufacturing. Therefore, it is not necessary for China to adopt countermeasures for Industry 4.0. In fact, while fighting the United States, industry 4.0 is also defending China's manufacturing industry

in recent years, China's machinery industry has grown rapidly, and Germany is aware of the crisis of German manufacturing itself. A related analysis report of Boston Consulting Company in the United States once warned that European machinery manufacturers must realize that the competitive environment has changed and must respond to the increasingly obvious threat, otherwise they will be defeated by aggressive challengers from China. Therefore, Germany's Le Monde said on March 27 that China's machinery manufacturing industry is a serious threat to Germany

on June 24, 2014, the German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation held a press conference in Tokyo, Japan. VDMA President feisteger pointed out that the machinery manufacturing enterprises in Japan and Germany should deepen their cooperation in many industries to ensure long-term development and economic success. In particular, in some cross product areas, the two countries should work together to face the challenges of China. Germany's preparedness for Chinese manufacturing is obvious

as for German industry 4.0, we should make an in-depth study and use it for reference. The impact and potential competitive factors brought by German industry 4.0 can be effectively taken into account in "made in China 2025". Industry 4.0 is a global market movement implemented by Germany. We should take this ride. In the process of promoting information physics system in Germany, by learning the deep integration of manufacturing process and business management system, we can realize the highly flexible configuration of production factors and realize the large-scale production of highly customized products with a large working voltage of 5V. So that the manufacturing industry can keep up with the trend of the times and move towards intellectualization in advance to adapt to the future international competition

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