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German IMS Department researches and develops 3D detection sensor

this sensor is developed by franhoff Institute of microelectronic circuit systems (IMS). It uses short pulse light to detect surrounding objects, which can provide more detailed information than radar system. The purpose of this technology is to install on the UAV, monitor violent or criminal activities independently in large-scale activities, and relay images to the control center

Werner bruckhurd, head of IMS sensor development department, said that the low temperature and low humidity is relatively difficult to control and transmit without manual conversion. It can perform multiple functional operations such as parameter setting, printing, inspection, removal and calibration. Seven independent experimental methods such as stretching, peeling, tearing and heat sealing. It can calculate and analyze groups of samples. The operational sensor can measure three-dimensional distance very effectively and has a higher resolution than radar

the flying robot equipped with sensors can recognize 20cm and 15cm objects within 7.5 meters, and the information transmission speed is 12 images per second. The sensor has built-in CMOS circuit technology, which is similar to the camera. Because the two hosts use the same line method to measure the distance, that is, measure the time when the sensor light pulse is sent out and reflected through the object to calculate the distance. In order to prevent the interference of bright ambient light such as the sun, the electronic shutter of the sensor opens for only a few nanoseconds. The device can also carry out differential measurement, compare each signal reading, and calculate the amount of ambient light

this kind of 3D ranging sensor has been manufactured by tridicam company. Due to the gradual reconstruction of economies in the Middle East and Africa, it is installed in the camera

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