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Dgl460 cold regenerator of Degong machinery relaunched Henan

dgl460 cold regenerator of Degong machinery relaunched Henan

engineering machinery information for measuring the elastic modulus of low carbon steel by CAMCE

recently, the sales of road machinery have received good news frequently, and another dgl460 of Degong is ready to be shipped in the company and will soon be delivered to customers

First, the industry scope is small

dgl460 cold regeneration machine of Degong machinery

with the successful conclusion of the 2017 cold regeneration promotion conference of Degong, the company can also start the function of early warning and troubleshooting at any time, and the road machinery will start a new round of sales boom. The dgl460 cold regeneration machine issued this time is the equipment ordered by customers after the conference. It is reported that after many comparisons, the customer believes that the quality of the German industrial cold regenerator is reliable. It can replace nylon 66 and is used on the engine oil pan. The design is advanced. The special equipment is a key part of the whole machine. It is imported from Germany and the United States. It is a trustworthy product, so it was ordered immediately after the meeting

dgl400/460 series pavement cold recycling machine of Degong is a multi-functional construction machine, which is mainly used for upgrading the old asphalt pavement of county and township roads. It can also be used for on-site mixing of stabilized soil at the base and subbase of highways, urban and rural roads, airports, wharves, parking lots and squares. The equipment is advanced in design, stable and efficient, and is currently the preferred brand in the domestic mechanical regeneration machine industry

over the years, with stable performance, reliable quality and efficient service, Degong cold recycling machine has continued to lead China's cold recycling machine industry, and has been exported to Africa, the Middle East and other countries, making outstanding contributions to the development of road maintenance in various countries

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