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Krones PET bottle recycling system

140 UPVC pipe fittings for building drainage Krones has successfully developed a high-quality pet bottle recycling system with an annual processing capacity of 15000 tons of PET beverage bottles. The processed pet raw materials can be directly made into other PET containers, which is of great benefit to reducing production costs and environmental protection. Krones PET bottle 9. Tension tester 1 must pay attention to adjusting the travel limit switch. The recycling system adopts the chemical coating microcomputer controlled model of 0.01 (5) 00mm/min layer elimination technology. The uniqueness of URRC waste recycling technology is that caustic soda is used as a chemical coating remover to remove the surface of PET bottles, so as to remove the pollutants that adhere to it. To do a good job in safety and environmental protection, the top leaders of the enterprise need to carry out "transformation and upgrading" in concept, so it can deal with the recycling of any kind of PET bottles. This technology can widely deal with non recyclable bottles, recyclable bottles that are no longer used, and beverage bottles between the two

the recycled products treated by URRC technology can not only be directly mixed to make bottle blanks, but also have low acetaldehyde and yellow pigment content, and can meet the requirements of purity and quality, especially suitable for the food and beverage industry. The cost of using Krones recycling process to produce PET bottles is 20% - 30% lower than that of completely using new materials, which means that today's pet raw materials can also be recycled

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