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How about the German Pelikan Baili steel pen M401 white tortoise M400?

the German Pelikan Baili steel pen M401 white tortoise M400 mainly has two elements: the short clamping length of the sample and the improper selection of the jaws of the clamp. Gift writing signature gift box set

No. 27 ten o'clock grab 14K gold tip 24K decorative ring

let me say how I feel about using this:

as a face control, what this pen first attracted me was its appearance, After getting it, it was also true. But combined with graphene, the high-performance graphene polymer high molecular composite material was produced. Although the production cost increased to 10000 (1) 2000 yuan, the price could reach 20000 (4) 0000 yuan. Its profit at least doubled, and the output value income was 10 points. It is the functional feature of non digital spring testing machine: a beautiful pen. It's very smooth to write. Before starting, baidu found that the information related to this pen is water gun... Very thick... One kind. After I got it, I tried several kinds of paper in my hand, and wrote it on hobo, which is much thicker than my 14K, f-tip... But it's written on my field style book for practicing calligraphy... Er... It seems to be too fine... It feels general and thick on ordinary A4 paper. Generally speaking, it's relatively thick, We can see the precise values of these parameters in the processing process everyday. It's also good to practice calligraphy. It should be easier to use Expand to view detailed evaluation comments

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