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German Kama launched a new generation of procut 58 die cutting equipment

the German Kama machine manufacturer upgraded and launched a new generation of procut 58 die cutting and bronzing embossing equipment

German Kama manufacturers focus on providing post press solutions for the short-term and medium-term production industries in the fields of digital printing, commercial printing and packaging applications whose profitable and sustainable development are affected by a certain number of industries. Kama's procut 58 equipment is the world's first die-cutting equipment applied to quarter size format digital printing paper. This die-cutting equipment can be cut in a conventional way or according to size

procut 58 die cutting equipment

the new equipment launched by optimization and upgrading adopts new paper feeder, modern touch screen, and new software is installed at the same time. At present, Kama procut 58 equipment can process materials with a size of 580 mm * 400 mm, which is a full increase of 50 mm compared with the previous size. In addition, the use parameters of the new feeder Jinan testing machine fixture also optimize the paper feeding process, which makes the suction head faster and easier to skip frames, and the whole servo area more convenient

the redesigned software accelerates the adjustment of the automatic registration system software, and each adjustment is very accurate, which can shorten the installation and adjustment time of Kama procut 58. The manufacturers of medium and small-scale composite polyurethane adhesives are still the main body of the industry. The new menu navigation and pictographic patterns ensure that the operation of Kama procut 58 equipment is more simplified

reference operation can be omitted. At the same time, the preparation time of Kama procut 58 finishing die-cutting equipment is shorter than that of exiting the program before. The company's re launch of Kama procut 58 equipment is the result of the increasing demand for finished short board printing, whether in small format printing or folding box packaging and other fields

highly flexible Kama procut 58 bronzing embossing equipment is more digitalized. At the same time, this version of equipment covers a wide range of post press processing and can speed up the production efficiency of short-term orders due to its fast conversion function

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