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German construction machinery: strengthen technological innovation and keep up with market demand

German construction machinery: strengthen technological innovation and keep up with market demand

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with the further intensification of the market competition of construction machinery, how to survive in the fierce competition has become a top priority. In recent years, Degong machinery has increased investment in scientific research, closely followed market demand, grasped market rules, seized market opportunities, and created a series of new products in line with the market

since "haze" became the key word in 2013, the environmental issues of the "two sessions" have become the focus in 2015, and environmental issues have attracted more and more attention. The country has raised "environmental protection" to an unprecedented height, and in terms of environmental protection, the pollution of construction machinery is the first to be hit. In response to this problem, many "environmental friendly" new products have been launched. "Environmental protection" is nothing more than "energy saving" and "emission reduction". The company first developed low speed load sensitive "n" series energy-saving loaders from the perspective of "energy saving". The "n" series loaders use low speed engines and PolyOne TPE materials & nbsp; Wearable smart devices for innovation have large reserves, low fuel consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high reliability. The working device is re optimized and the lifting force is increased by more than 6% compared with the previous one. At the same time, the company also launched the dg956lng natural gas loader from the perspective of "emission reduction". Due to the full combustion of fuel, the carbon emission of dg956lng natural gas loader is reduced by half, and the emission of inhalable particles is basically zero, with high efficiency and significant economic benefits. The use cost of the same amount of work can be reduced by 30%

in addition, in 2014, based on the research on the Southern rock fork loader, the company specially launched the 970y rock fork loader, with a rated load of 21 tons, but I don't know such a hasty result. It can adapt to marble and other stone operations. In the face of changes in national financial policies, environmental protection pressure, market pressure and other external severe situations, the market prospect is broad. Through the investigation of the construction of high-grade joint pavements such as highways and national highways, it is found that the construction of high-grade pavements is basically monopolized by foreign brands. Therefore, dgl600n mechanical cold recycling machine came into being. It is the first cold recycling machine independently developed and produced in China that can be used in the construction of high-grade highways

the market is changing, and the needs of customers are also changing. If you don't innovate and forge ahead, you can only be eliminated by the market. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen the research and development of new products and produce more good products that are suitable for the market and meet the needs of customers

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