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Analysis on the development trend of electric vehicle charging pile industry the ownership of charging facilities has increased steadily

charging piles are equipment used to charge electric vehicles (EV) and substitutes for traditional gas stations and gas pumps. The charging pile is mainly composed of pile body, electrical module, metering module and other parts, and generally has the functions of electric energy metering, billing, communication, control and so on. The charging pile equipment itself does not have too high technical content. The competitive differences are mainly reflected in the stability, compatibility, cost savings of up to 50% of the water and power control, brand reputation and Bidding Ability of the equipment

control with Microcomputer in the first half of 2018, China's new energy vehicle market maintained a growth trend and developed steadily. At the same time, the domestic electric vehicle charging pile market is also further expanding. In the first half of this year, the ownership of public and private charging facilities in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities increased steadily, and the charging power increased for three consecutive months, with a certain increase over the previous month

due to the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, problems such as insufficient charging infrastructure appear. It is estimated that the number of electric vehicles in China will exceed 5million by 2020. The demand for supporting charging infrastructure has also increased. From 2015 to 2020, more than 12000 centralized charging and replacement power stations need to be added, and the data of decentralized charging piles are not more than 4.8 million, so as to meet the charging demand of 5million electric vehicles in the country at that time

overall analysis of public charging infrastructure

according to the latest statistical data of the "analysis report on the development prospect prediction and investment strategic planning of the electric vehicle charging pile industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, as of June 2018, the member units of the alliance have reported a total of 271751 public charging piles, of which 1194 AC charging piles reduce the inductance of the grounding wire by 45, 87956 DC charging piles 64350 AC and DC integrated charging piles. In June 2018, 5520 public charging piles were added compared with may 2018. From July 2017 to June 2018, about 8345 public charging piles were added every month, with a year-on-year increase of 58.4% in June 2018

monthly total and new additions of China's public charging infrastructure in June 2018

data source: in terms of public charging infrastructure operators sorted out by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, there are currently 16 large-scale operator enterprises nationwide (charging facility ownership>; =1000); In the first half of this year, the new public charging piles (including dedicated ones) increased by 90.6% year-on-year, of which about 90% were in line with the 2015 national standard. The power growth of special vehicles such as buses and taxis showed a steady upward trend. Among them, the number of charging piles operated by special calls is the largest, including 112003 self built and managed charging piles

analysis of the ranking list of provinces and cities of public charging infrastructure

from the perspective of regions, the data of public charging infrastructure include the situation of provinces, regions and cities (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The top ten public charging piles in the provincial administrative regions are: 40865 in Beijing, 34773 in Shanghai, 33586 in Guangdong, 28378 in Jiangsu, 20139 in Shandong, 12909 in Zhejiang, 11661 in Tianjin, 11429 in Hebei, 10870 in Anhui There are 7812 in Hubei

national and local governments strongly support the construction of charging facilities

since the configuration of charging piles is the primary consideration for most users when purchasing new energy vehicles, the improvement of charging facilities is crucial to reduce users' mileage anxiety. Therefore, clarifying the charging pile industry specification has become a key link of importance and necessity in the development process of new energy vehicles in China. Since the second half of 2015, relevant national and local departments have successively issued policies related to charging piles to better promote the development of new energy vehicles

the intellectualization of charging piles needs to be further improved.

driven by new technologies such as big data, IOT, artificial intelligence, virtual assistant, the intellectualization of charging piles is getting higher and higher. At present, the users who use the location of charging equipment account for the majority of charging users. Charging customers can also access the system and charge fees through the client. The charge pile owner can ensure the normal operation of the charging business by realizing the remote monitoring of the charging equipment. In addition, after the pile is paired with, the pile owner can save the charging cost through remote peak staggering charging. These applications fully tap the use function of the charging pile, and improve the use efficiency of the charging pile to a great extent

this report uses the first-hand market data collected from the long-term follow-up of the electric vehicle charging pile industry with forward-looking information to comprehensively and accurately structure the analysis system for you from the overall height of the industry. This report mainly analyzes the

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