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Germany's klingele group subscribes for 50% of the shares of British corrugated packaging company onboard

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core tip: Europe's leading independent paper industry and packaging Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Tester Co., Ltd. Jinan Jing university type experimental machine manufacturer leader - German family group klingele acquired British onboard corrugated packaging with free replacement parts 50% shares of the company and onboard Investment Co., Ltd. After the acquisition, onboard officially became a holding subsidiary of klingele onboard

[China Packaging News] klingele, a German family group, a leading independent leader in the paper industry and packaging industry in Europe, acquired 50% of the shares of onboard corrugated packaging company and onboard Investment Co., Ltd. After the acquisition, onboard officially became a holding subsidiary of klingele onboard

in the past few years, onboard has been famous for its competitive price, rich cardboard types and fast delivery services, and its business has continued to grow steadily

now the company has made equity adjustment and hopes to build the company into a leading enterprise in the corrugated industry in the UK in the future. At present, the factory of onboard has two latest tile lines for the production of new materials. In addition, it plans to build a factory on an open space of more than 100million square meters. Onboard will continue to move forward with like-minded carton factories in the future and establish a stronger strategic partnership

Jan klingele, the third generation successor of klingele group, said: "We have cooperated with onboard for many years and have been providing corrugated base paper for onboard. They are reliable customers. We hope to inject new vitality into onboard through this equity restructuring, and help it to be fully put into operation by the end of 2019. They will develop better in the future and continue to grow in the paperboard business. I am very happy to support the future development of onboard, and I look forward to the cooperation prospects of both sides."

Paul Jundu, the founder of onboard, also expressed his views on this acquisition: "since the establishment of onboard, it has been building a good reputation of" quality, innovation and reliability ". I am honored that Jan klingele chose us as a partner and supported our good intention of continuous development in the UK market. I firmly believe that with the rich industry experience and resources of klingele group, our future will be better. "

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