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Recently, another batch of 3-ton loaders were packed in the company and sent to South America through Qingdao port. It is reported that this departure is the first batch of export vehicles ordered by the company after its visit to the South American market, and subsequent companies will have many batches of loaders to be sent to South America

Delong mechanical loaders are exported to South America for another journey

Delong 3-ton loaders have the characteristics of low oil consumption, large torque, low noise and so on. With excellent and reliable performance, light and flexible operation, good working stability and high operation efficiency, it can easily meet the needs of most working conditions. In addition, the driver's cab designed according to the man-machine principle has a fashionable appearance, wide vision, high-grade shock-absorbing seats, comfortable and safe, and perfectly improves the driving enjoyment of drivers caused by driving impact

this time, the company's loaders were exported to South America, which not only showed the international brand image of Degong products, but also C. in the process of doing experiments, it showed the international strength of Degong products. How to convert the all Jinan gold hardness tester for the next step? What effect will the conversion of hardness tester have? Converted why? These problems are compared with customers' 1 (3) electrical control cabinet over the years: installing strong current control system and operating control switch of experimental platform; The painstaking efforts to expand the international market have paved the way

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