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In marketing, are you still presenting facts and reasoning

are you still presenting facts and reasoning in marketing

June 16, 2017

[China paint information] since childhood, our teachers have taught us that we should be reasonable in everything we do. First, it's a little reasonable to go around the world. Second, if there is no reason, how can we convince others to you? So we have formed a "good habit" that most of us think rationally and logically analyze problems, and then form a "good habit" of telling facts and reasoning! This is understandable, and this good habit is used in our work. Science guides us to work hard! But if you are a marketer, this habit may make you an excellent marketer, but sorry, the gap between you and the top marketer will be very obvious, and you will never reach the top level

as a worker in the paint industry, you must often meet relatives and friends around you and ask you how to choose paint, so you must be very confident and have good reasons to introduce your own paint or so and so, what are the properties of good coating products with good leveling, strong coverage and high color saturation, but sometimes relatives and friends do not listen to your advice, but choose some famous brands, Even if you mentioned that these big brands are not brilliant, but the advertising is well done, the products are very general, and the price is expensive, but relatives and friends still politely refuse to say ah, there is no way, the wife (husband) must ah, and so on, so that you can't cry or laugh, and secretly swear that you won't work hard to "promote" good products in the future! Thinking of this, are you nodding fiercely? But why do consumers believe in big brands so much? The cost performance of big brand products is not high, and even some low-end products are really not good. It makes sense, and the facts are there, alas

in fact, the mind that pays too much attention to logic is used to being convinced by the rigorous inference process. This is the data conclusion that is usually based on syllogism (i.e. a group of formulas), which is unchangeable, inevitable and undeniable. This may be true, but the minds of ordinary audiences are not simply accepting reason. Just like adults to children, reasoning is unworkable, and how worthless it is to use reasoning

at the time of writing this article, I just finished watching the football match between the Chinese team and Syria. The final result was a regrettable draw. Many fans began to scold the national football team again and vowed never to watch Chinese football again! Indeed, from the global level and even the Asian level, Chinese football is really too bad. Logically and logically, there are reasons not to support Chinese football to meet the two standards at the same time, which are favored by thousands of people. But why do we still unconditionally support and love the national football team after repeated defeats? On the one hand, all Chinese people are patriotic, and on the other hand, our feelings for Chinese football cannot be eliminated! This is a seemingly incredible thing in the face of fierce market competition, the shortage of raw materials and the people's attention to Huanzhen. Sensibility trumps rationality

therefore, when using the logic and reasoning of paint professionals to "educate" audiences who do not understand paint at all from food and beverage companies such as Mayorga organics coffee, it will often backfire. Although the audience does not doubt your motivation and your professionalism, and even fully agree with your recommendation, the final purchase choice depends on the emotional side of TA! The product description language used by the consumer audience for the big brand paint products is often illusory, easy to understand, and add desirable life scenes, so that most deformation units now adopt a single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter, and the consumer is completely immersed in it. When formally purchasing, it almost overwhelmingly occupies the brain of rational thinking, which is entirely because the big brand paint has mobilized the emotion of the audience

this shows that good marketing is not to stimulate the imagination of the audience with facts and truth, but to use a presentation method that can mobilize the audience's emotions and form a strong image through concentration and processing, so as to occupy and control the audience's brain, which fully explains that whoever can stimulate the audience's imagination of the "art", who will master the art of "ruling" the audience! And art is not what teachers teach us to tell the truth! Try to communicate with relatives and friends with your emotions rather than logic, and see if they will reject the products you "promote"

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