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National Energy Administration: areas with serious "wind abandonment" shall not be expanded.

have you ever operated the experimental machine incorrectly or damaged the machine carelessly? A: wind is not a new topic in the wind power industry. What is controversial is how much is abandoned and who is responsible

the National Energy Administration recently released the notice on strengthening the requirements of wind power consolidation and consumption, which proposed that wind power consolidation would be an important reference index for the layout of new projects, and areas with significantly low wind power utilization hours should not further expand the construction scale

in addition, the notice requires that technical measures be taken to ensure the parallel operation of the wind power concession project and the full purchase of the generated power, and the extensometer of the total elongation of the concession project and the demonstration project approved by the national energy authority shall not be limited to the output of at least 100mm gauge length, and the output of the built wind power project shall not be limited by the new wind power project

the notice also announced the utilization hours of wind power in various regions last year. In 2011, the average utilization hours of wind power in the national power area was 1928 hours, and the average utilization hours of wind power in the southern power area was 1801 hours. The total amount of wind power curtailment in China has exceeded 10billion kwh, and the average utilization hours have decreased significantly. The lowest utilization hours in Jilin Province have decreased to 1610 hours

Fujian has the highest utilization hours of wind power, reaching 3096 hours. The utilization hours of Guangdong and Guangxi under Nanfang power are less than 1700 hours. An employee of Nanfang power planning and Development Department said that the utilization hours are related to the situation of wind resources. The problem of wind abandonment of Nanfang power is relatively small, and the contradiction of wind abandonment in the north is relatively small. (2) using this device, the torque torsion angle curve of materials under different tensile forces is prominent

xiechangjun, general manager of Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd., said earlier this year that the economic losses caused by power rationing in the industry in 2011 were about 5billion yuan. Xie Changjun said that last year, the annual utilization hours of wind turbines in Longyuan Power fell to 2026 hours, lower than the average of 2230 hours since 2006. The loss in eastern Inner Mongolia, where the power rationing problem is the most serious, reached about 30%, and that in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces reached 20%

according to the statistics of the wind power branch of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Industry Association quoted by the media earlier, wind power enterprises can make profits if their annual average operating hours are more than 2000 hours, and will lose money if they are less than 2000 hours. According to this measurement, only 10 of the 29 regions in the Energy Bureau's statistics have weak profits from wind power, which are generally at a loss level. In the same period, by the end of 2011, the cumulative total installed capacity of wind power was 62400 MW, with the top three in Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Gansu totaling nearly 30000 MW. The installed capacity that failed to meet the target operating hours accounted for a larger proportion of the total installed capacity

however, the above-mentioned person from Nanfang power said that specific to each region, wind resources vary greatly, and there may be differences. However, at present, the profitability of wind power is not optimistic. When the product standards are not specified,

wind power enterprises have successively believed that the technology and power monopoly have caused the increasing wind abandonment rate. The person in charge of the new energy company under one of the five major power generation groups once denounced the current system, thinking that since the wind power projects have been approved by the government, why the power construction has not kept up, isn't the government approval taking these factors into account comprehensively

as for why new energy power is abandoned to ensure the operation of thermal power and other units, the person in charge of the above new energy company revealed that within the power generation group, when the power transmission capacity is insufficient, wind is generally abandoned

the notice proposes to reasonably arrange the project construction progress and coordinate the wind power and power construction, which is also aimed at this problem

the insiders interviewed said that due to the rapid development in the early stage, unapproved projects still need to be digested, and power construction also takes time. At present, wind power should mainly consider economic issues, rather than blindly focusing on projects. As for places with less utilization hours, limiting the expansion of scale, this person said that the installed capacity of places with abundant wind resources far exceeds the power acceptance capacity, and limiting the expansion of scale has no substantive impact

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