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After Areva established a base in China's nuclear power market through the Shanghai Electric breakthrough transformer front, AREVA began to accelerate its breakthrough in the transformer market

on September 15, AREVA and Shanghai Electric announced the establishment of a new cooperative relationship covering three joint ventures. After the whole project on the development direction of experimental machine technology is put into operation, AREVA's power transformer capacity in China will be more than doubled

it is understood that the above joint venture projects include Shanghai Areva Transformer Co., Ltd., Wuhan Areva Transformer Co., Ltd. and the two sides will establish a new joint venture transformer company in Shanghai Lingang

industry analysis points out that the key problem of the above cooperation is that the specific investment amount and equity structure have not been announced. In response, xujianguo, chairman of Shanghai Electric, said: "this cooperation will expand the production and layout of transformers with different voltage levels in China, which is a new mode, comprehensive and cross regional 13. Power failure automatic preservation cooperation."

Areva's expansion path shows that the above joint venture projects have a profound market background. Because of this, the above joint venture is interpreted by the industry as "Areva's breakthrough transformer through Shanghai Electric"

the cooperation between Areva and Shanghai Electric started in 2001, when the two sides funded the establishment of Shanghai Areva Transformer Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is US $48.25 million, with AREVA power transmission and distribution holding company holding 52% and Shanghai power transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd. holding the "release" button holding 45%

with the launch of the second UHV transmission line of State Grid, the competition between domestic and foreign electrical equipment manufacturers for UHV cake with more than billions of yuan has also begun

in November 2005, Shanghai Electric group increased the capital of Shanghai Areva Transformer Co., Ltd. by 149.6 million yuan through its listed subsidiary Shangdian Co., Ltd. (). After the capital increase, the total investment of the joint venture was 695million yuan, and the registered capital reached 395.8 million yuan

while increasing the joint venture with Shanghai Electric, AREVA is also expanding its own transformer production plant. On the one hand, AREVA has successively invested and built two power transformer plants in China in Suzhou and Wuhan

in January this year, AREVA announced the construction of a transformer factory in Wuhan, with an initial investment of 600million yuan, which will be built into one of the most advanced transformer production bases in Asia. In terms of product lines, the plant will design and produce a full series of power transformers for AC and DC transmission from 110kV to UHV, which is expected to be officially put into operation in 2009

the industry is worried that as Areva accelerates its entry into the Chinese market, can the core technology of its transformers be brought to China

philippeguillemot, chairman and CEO of Areva power transmission and distribution, said, "China's R & D center is Areva's fifth R & D center in the world. We will realize our commitment to participate in China's power construction through technology transfer and innovation."

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