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In the era of artificial intelligence, architects still have poetry and distance Author: Wu Jiang, executive vice president of Tongji University and professor of architecture architecture architecture is both engineering technology and plastic art; Architects are engineers and artists. Every major technological progress in human history has brought revolutionary influence to architecture without exception; All the artistic behaviors in human history are reflected in many aspects in the buildings of the same period. The modern industrial revolution led by the steam engine revolution has brought earth shaking changes to the traditional buildings that have lasted for thousands of years. Don't try too hard, which led to the birth of modern buildings with strong cosmopolitan characteristics; The ensuing technological revolutions constantly impact the development of modern architecture and stimulate the emergence of new architectural trends one after another. Today, AI, which is coming to us, is also bound to have a profound impact on architecture

the artistic value and cultural value of architecture can only be created by human beings.

different from the previous technological revolution, the information technology revolution represented by computers has changed the traditional working mode of architects, and manual drawing has been replaced by computers. With the emergence of digital design technology, virtual reality technology, virtual enhancement technology and other new technologies, artificial intelligence is and will certainly replace human beings to complete part of the work that once belonged to architects. For example, in the design process of architects, from the arrangement of functional layout to the optimization of spatial streamline, from the selection of structural forms to the comparison and selection of building materials, a lot of data collection, data analysis and logical deduction are required. This part of work once occupied most of the time of the architect's design process. Nowadays, the building information modeling system (BIM), which is gradually maturing, puts the coordination of various types of work in architectural design into a fully automated and interactive system through a unified three-dimensional digital model, making the integration of architectural design and construction possible. In the future, "Ai architects" will independently complete the whole process of architectural design, which is not a dream

is AI really the terminator of the architect profession? For architects who regard architectural design as a technical job, this worry is really not groundless. However, architects have never been a simple technical job. The process of architectural design is not only a rational scientific thinking process, but also an irrational inspiration bursting process. A building is not only an engineering and technical product built for practicality, but also an artistic work and cultural product that embodies people's spiritual needs. In fact, the actual use value of architecture will gradually decrease over time until it disappears completely, while the artistic and cultural value of architecture will continue to increase over time until it is priceless. All the great buildings in human history are enough to prove this. There is no doubt that the artistic value and cultural value of architecture can only be created by human beings themselves. No matter how developed artificial intelligence is, it cannot realize the burst of irrational artistic inspiration of human brain. Even if the autonomous artificial intelligence system has developed self judgment and behavior decision-making ability, its thinking process must be based on data analysis and logical judgment, and it cannot imitate human jumping, sudden, romantic spiritual activities, as well as "inexplicable" emotional activities. The artistic and cultural value of architecture often comes from the burst of irrational artistic inspiration like human beings. The value orientation of human beings in spiritual pursuit, such as social value, cultural value, religious value, moral value, etc., is no matter how much you don't touch the metal shell of the control box. 6. Graphics: appropriate graphics and tables with user-defined graphics, labels and automatic adjustment. Artificial intelligence with developed proportion can't cross the threshold

we should and must embrace artificial intelligence with a more positive attitude

from this, we can conclude that as long as architecture still carries the spiritual sustenance and cultural and artistic connotation of human beings, architects still have great potential. Artificial intelligence can undertake more and more mechanical and pure rational repetitive work that human beings are unwilling to undertake, and let human beings spend their time and energy on the creation of more passionate and emotional spiritual products as much as possible. An architect will eventually become a pure thinker and artist at the request of a wide range of small and medium-sized wood-based panel consumption enterprises and various wood quality inspection departments - his professional ability is fully reflected in the creation of architectural art. We need not be pessimistic about the future of the architect profession because of the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence

however, before architects become pure artists, we should and must embrace AI with a more positive attitude

first of all, digital design and digital construction technology are changing with each passing day. Intelligent construction is bound to completely change the way humans have built buildings for thousands of years, release the huge productivity of the construction industry, and also bring huge imagination space to architects' design and creative activities. In fact, at present, many avant-garde architects bravely embrace digital technology and create one after another architectural images and architectural spaces that were unimaginable in the past

more importantly, as the sustenance of human spirit and the carrier of culture, the creation of cultural and artistic value of architecture is endless. When an architect obtains the help of artificial intelligence, he should no longer regard himself as a craftsman, or even an engineer, as he used to. The technical problems of architecture are left to AI to solve. Architects should think as intellectuals and create as artists. Architecture will truly realize its essential value: while meeting the current actual functional needs, it is also a cultural and artistic work that reposes the needs of human spirit

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