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Brief analysis: the current situation and problems of China's inkjet printing equipment industry

inkjet printing equipment is an important part of the inkjet printing equipment industry. The annual sales volume of inkjet equipment in China reaches 4billion yuan, of which about 50% comes from exports. After a short decade of development, China has become the world's largest manufacturer of inkjet equipment. The oil circuit system leaks seriously or the oil pipe breaks. The inkjet equipment made in China is exported to all parts of the world, especially in the markets of developing countries. 1. Dial pointer hydraulic (pendulum) universal experimental machine zeroing: such as WE-B series digital display hydraulic universal experimental machine

At present, China's wide format inkjet equipment manufacturing industry is mainly faced with two problems:

first, the inkjet head as the core technology is not in our hands, resulting in the national inkjet equipment brand in the downstream of the market value chain. To this end, the inkjet printing branch will start to organize key enterprises in the industry, strive for national policy and financial support, and jointly carry out the research and development of inkjet heads from the current international and domestic situation

second, the strength of national inkjet equipment manufacturing enterprises is generally not very strong, and most of them lack state support. This has resulted in the weak R & D capability of the enterprise, and the technical level of the inkjet equipment produced is 2. 5% higher than that of foreign countries There is a big gap between low-quality tongs and brands. With the addition of diversified printing, the domestic inkjet equipment manufacturer has the first listed enterprise, which plays an incentive role in the development of the whole industry. We hope that diversified printing will continue to grow in the inkjet industry in the future and eventually become a leading enterprise in the national inkjet equipment manufacturing industry

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