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Are you ready to "sprinkle money" at the next billion level outlet

Abstract: the capital market is surging, and technology waves are rising one after another. Internet, robotics, digitization, artificial intelligence... If you want to compete for the source in the competition, you can find that some samples have the phenomenon of colorant migration (decolorization). It is not enough to just work hard. As the saying goes, "you don't need to paddle, you rely on the waves."

the capital market is surging, and technology waves are rising one after another. Internet, robotics, digitalization, artificial intelligence... If you want to compete in the competition, it's not enough to just work hard. As the saying goes, "you don't need oars to row, you rely on the waves."

however, it is not romantic to watch the rise and fall of the tide in the startling market step by step. After all, not everyone can be a trendsetter. When you are still looking at Ai, a considerable number of investors have reached for the next outlet - IOT blockchain technology

many people may be unfamiliar with blockchain, but speaking of its successful application, you must know that it is bitcoin, so how does blockchain work

blockchain is an interconnected database technology. If the database is an account book, then blockchain is an accounting method. It can share information with each participant, and it cannot be tampered with. It can make the information open and transparent, which not only ensures the interconnection, but also uses high-pressure jet to wash the front lampshade (replacing the wiper cleaning system that may scratch the PC lampshade) and eliminates the security risks. It has a very broad application scenario

from the perspective of policy, it is also basically good. In 2016, the State Council emphasized "accelerating the basic research and development and cutting-edge layout of blockchain and other new technologies" in the 13th five year national information plan. At the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, blockchain and inclusive finance have also been listed as important topics. The white paper on the development of blockchain technology and applications in China, led by the Ministry of industry and information technology, clearly puts forward the roadmap for the development of blockchain technology in China

and IOT is very familiar to everyone. It can connect the equipment in the workshop for information exchange and communication, which greatly accelerates the development of manufacturing automation. IOT is mentioned in many places in the 13th five year plan for national informatization, and the 13th five year plan for IOT issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology also defines the 13th five year development goal of IOT industry. However, with the further implementation of the concept of industry 4.0, the limitations of IOT have gradually emerged

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whether it's security risks, compatibility or synergy, it can be improved or even properly solved through blockchain technology. At that time, your device can not only interconnect with other devices, but also talk, communicate and even trade

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facing this billions of "blue ocean", how can you hold your hand holding the spoon? We cordially invited xuexiaotao, AMV digital marketing partner and blockchain investor, to express his views on IOT block technology

it's time for Shuai Tao to talk about money. Today, we're going to talk about a blockchain project, ruff, that will be listed on Huo coin and other exchanges at the end of January

ruff has been committed to solving the problem of difficulties in IOT application development and acquisition since its establishment in 2014. It has an IOT operating system ruff OS that makes IOT development easier. As of 2016, ruff platform has nearly 10000 developers. It uses JavaScript as the programming language, so that the same application code can also run on different boards. Let the fragmentation and standardization of IOT be solved at the application layer. Secondly, the gap between hardware and software is eliminated by using programming language for hardware development

ruff is an architecture that combines IOT and blockchain. It includes a distributed operating system and an open main chain. In short, it is a blockchain based distributed ledger. It can provide trust, ownership record, transparency and communication support for the IOT application of the ruff platform

ruff public chain built-in virtual currency: ruff currency, which is the benchmark of incentive, consumption and transaction within the impact test and analysis method of composite materials in ruff public chain ecosystem. In the ruff ecosystem, a token or multiple tokens will be generated as a settlement standard. To put it simply, resource providers get rewards, resource users pay on demand (tokens), share with each other, and form an economy driven autonomous body

at present, according to the news of private equity funds, the price of ruff private equity is about 0.6rmb. After several rounds of fundraising, the current offering price is positioned at 1.9rmb, and the price on the day of issuance can rise to more than 5RMB. As the two future top-level technologies of blockchain and IOT, ruff is likely to become the next thousand times coin

this can't help but remind me of a friend I knew before. At that time, he was still young and frivolous. After an unforgettable lovelorn, he entered a bitcoin. Later, he formed a habit, brokenhearted in a bad mood, buy bitcoin; The pressure of working overtime is great, and buying bitcoin... The good habit of youth can really affect people's life

in fact, there are many such projects, such as IDC, Wanyou caliper chain ITC, Wharton chain WTC and so on. If you are interested, you can leave a message and reply. Let's talk again

however, Ben Wang still wants to remind you that there are risks in investment, and you should be careful when cutting your hands. After all, after the tide, the beach is often full of losers' bodies, and the windows of hotels near the Hong Kong Stock Exchange cannot be opened

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