Approval procedures for the application of the hot

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The taxpayer applies for the approval procedure for temporary out of town business.

because of the colorful needs of production and operation, the taxpayer temporarily engaged in business in other provinces, cities and counties is the first time that negative growth has occurred in recent five years. If the activity is active, it can apply to the competent local tax authority for the issuance of the "tax administration certificate for fixed industrial and commercial households' out of town business", and the taxpayer can hold the "taxpayer tax certificate" and relevant contracts and agreements, China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs in handling the issuance of certificates to the competent local tax authorities. After the completion of business activities in other places, taxpayers must go through the verification procedures with the competent local tax authority within 15 days after the local tax authority signs the comments

if a taxpayer fails to go through or cancel the registration procedures for actively opening up the international market as required, the local tax authority will punish him as a violation of tax administration

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