Case analysis on the design and manufacture of the

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Case study on the design and manufacture of packaging box (I)

packaging is a kind of protective material widely used in industry. The design and manufacture of packaging is a very important subject of graphic design

here I offer a simple tutorial, hoping to attract jade. The software selected here is CorelDRAW 9.0 simplified Chinese version. It is assumed that the object to be packed is a 78x5063mm small industrial product

1. Select the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle from any blank space, and adjust the size to 8064mm. 2. Select the rectangle, press and hold the small black block in the middle of the right side of the rectangle with the left mouse button and drag it to the left. When it reaches a certain size, press the right mouse button without releasing it. That is, another rectangle is copied. Adjust the size of the newly created rectangle to 64x 52mm

3. Select two rectangles and press the "C" and "L" keys to align the two rectangles to the left; Select the smaller rectangle created, press and hold the CTRL key to drag to the left. When the manufacturer has to have staff present on the left, let go, that is, the small rectangle turns to the left of another larger rectangle, and the two rectangles are also close together,

as shown in figure 1:

4. Select a processed picture, and right-click to drag the picture to the rectangle of 8064mm, Release the right button to pop up a shortcut menu, from which you can select "place in frame precise clipping", as shown in figure 2:

the picture will be placed in the rectangular box in the middle (if the picture is larger than the rectangular box, you can adjust the position of the pattern by right clicking "content" and then selecting "high end control precision"; Some centers are called microcomputer) wood based panel universal testing machine, and then input the logo or other manufacturer information in the smaller picture box on the left

5. Select two rectangles. It can be seen from the size bar of the attribute toolbar that the two rectangles are 132x64mm now; Call the deformation dialog box in the arrangement menu, adjust the value to -132 in the "position" horizontal option, and then click "apply to remanufactured object", then the experiment will be cancelled, and the two rectangles as just made will be copied on the left, and the drawing has been filled in, as shown in figure 3:

so far, the main project of a small package is almost complete, and the following is the flip

(to be continued)

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